NAME: Thomas James Willard

AGE: 23


OCCUPATION: None; Musician


Thomas is a socially anxious gay guy living in the West Bay who’s just trying to get his life together. Finding a job is hard, especially when you’re constantly distracted, overwhelmed, and living in your parents’ basement, so he hasn’t made a lot of progress on that front. But, he did learn a new song today! Or… or was that yesterday? Fuck. Music is hard, too. Has an enormous crush on his best (and often only) friend, Brett. Hair’s been graying since middle school, which would probably make people think he was older if he didn’t have a baby face. Wonders if it’s just too much to ask for a good night’s sleep.

NAME: Sami “Brett” Chahiri

AGE: 23


OCCUPATION: Software Engineer


If there was a word to describe Brett, it would be “just-genuinely-a-loving-caring-and-easy-going-dude”. Well, fine, that’s several words, but – how can you describe Brett? It seems that, no matter the circumstance, he handles conflicts with ease, and he never seems to get worked up. I don’t know if anyone has seen him angry. Frustrated, maybe, but actually angry? Who can even be sure if he’s capable! Grew up in a quiet Moroccan harbor town before moving to the states at a young age. Dating Nancy. Loves computers so much he got a degree in them. Always there if you need him.

NAME: Nancy Aiko Bellamy

AGE: 22

GENDER: Female

OCCUPATION: Particle Physicist; Punk Feminist


Nancy doesn’t have time for your bullshit. Life’s too fucking short to waste on people that don’t really care about her and her wellbeing and, like, since when did people start thinking it was okay to demand her attention? Fuck that. It’s not easy making a name for yourself as a half Asian kid in the Midwest, or as a woman in science, or as a woman in Lansing’s hardcore punk scene, but she’s done all that shit because she’s a fucking badass. Trying for that Masters in Particle Physics. Riot grrrl for life. Very passionate about math. Easily angered, but learning to deal with it.

NAME: Rhonda Emily Michaelson

AGE: 25

GENDER: Female

OCCUPATION: Mechanical Engineer; Accelerator Engineer


Rhonda is an introvert – and, not in the sense that she gets nervous around people (like Thomas), but in the sense that, at any social gathering, she’d really rather be working on an automobile that talking to folks. People are complicated, but cars, though great feats of engineering, are deceptively simple. She’s been fixing and modifying motor vehicles since she was a kid, and it’s a practice she doesn’t plan to break. Nothing beats those special nights – up too late working on a machine, taking in the sounds and smells, the grime, the sweat… you can finally put your mind to rest. Works on accelerators at Vissilab during the summer. Happily living in the middle of nowhere.

NAME: Maria Rosa Escajeda Cuevas

AGE: 26


OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner


Maria’s probably the most hardworking person in the whole of the West Bay, and she knows it. She dropped out of university in 1993 after one semester and founded “Calypspresso” espresso house with her refund (which has been successfully operating ever since). Hates the corporate coffee house’s recent rise to popularity and is determined to say ahead of the curve by producing a superior product and maintaining strong local trust. A hardass. Won’t back down from anything.