Well, I mean… there’s no comic yet, but like. I guess I’ll just say – The Normal Days is a comic about some friends who use an inverse time machine (that is, a time machine that sends you not backward and forward, but through the present moment across multiple timelines) by accident in the middle of their quest to destroy it, forcing them to return the facility where it was created to launch themselves back to their native timeline. It’s a largely character driven story, based more in the way to characters interact with one another as they drive across the country to fix their mistake. It’s also about gay crushes, and living in the late 90’s. You can read more about the characters here!




Hans Kelsen is comics man. He’s been making comics since he was a small boy, beginning with his breakthrough work, the adventures of “Fred Eateverything”, a three part series he created at the age of eight depicting a giant man who wreaks havoc on a town by eating the giant donut like they have at fictional donut shops. They might also have those at real donut shops. No one knows for sure.

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